Thursday, February 19, 2009

everyone else is doing it

Apparently when ladies on the internet are planning their weddings, they make things called "inspiration boards" to show the concept of what they want stuff to look like -- I've seen general, whole-wedding ones as well as very specific just-centerpieces ones. I've found a few possible venues in the Boston area, but basically can't accomplish much else on that front until we get there. All I have left to do is look at pretty stuff, so: behold! Styles and ideas for my wedding outfit. (I haven't decided about all red vs. red-and-white, but I have decided I like contrast-color borders and zari/zardosi work, and I hate overuse of sequins.)

Also: I used to like the sparse, Arabic-style mehndi more but now that I've had it a couple of times I think I prefer the dense Indian style. I don't think I will need to buy jewelry (I believe I can borrow F's mom's), but out of what's available to me I am going to go for gorgeous-but-simple (the ceremony will be in the daytime in the summer, I don't want to be armor-plated). I am not sure if I'll wear the dupatta on my head or not -- if I do, that will obviously change my hair options. But I love the 'do in the upper right. If you zoom in you can see her little braids. So awesome!


Priya said...

you should put flowers in hair! when else can you get away with that? :)

Gori Girl said...

Where are you planning on getting your wedding outfit? In the US or India?

I like the hair style in the upper right too, and think it could work really well with a few small flowers. Very hippy-chic, but also stylish. If you go with jewelry that's all one color, as shown, you could probably get use pretty intricate stuff without making it look too over the top.