Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shaadi ka date tay huaa

F's mom talked to her astrology guy and found us a good date, so the wedding is officially going to be the weekend of July 24th next year. We also went back and forth a lot and decided to have it in the Chicago area. Sure, I'm not in Chicago, but I explained to F's mom how important it is to me to get to plan this, and I think she got it. We worked out some ideas about how to go about things logistically (for instance, they'll get a whole lot of pandits, and we'll phone interview them) that make me pretty comfortable with the plan. Having his family nearby does make some things easier, too: I'd been looking at getting wholesale flowers (like from or something) and arranging them ourselves, and if there are a lot of family people around that will be a lot easier.

I just ordered some sample invitations from Saima Says Design. F. and I looked at some last night, but he doesn't know I have ordered samples. It'll be a nice surprise for him when they arrive. It makes the whole thing seem like it's finally getting started!

F. and I also agreed on what colors to use for decorating (red and orange). I found a photo of a mandap that I really like, too. It's so graceful. Imagine this kind of frame with orange, red, and white flowers & fabric.


Gori Girl said...

I like the simple frame for the mandap, and the color scheme seems appropriate for an Indian-influenced wedding. Are you planning on winding flowers around the posts, or hanging them as in the picture?

KC said...

I like them hanging. Those garlands are sparse enough that people will still be able to see what's happening.

We'll need to have space for more chairs under the mandap, though, because my parents are too creaky to sit on the floor!

Miss M said...

The mandap looks very pretty and elegant!

And congratulations for the wedding! :)

First time here. :)