Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mission accomplished

The engagement ceremony that F's family threw for us went really well. My dad cracked jokes during the pooja and flinched when the priest threw rice at him. My mom learned which finger to do tika with and our legs fell asleep from sitting on the floor sideways. F's parents marched me and F around and introduced us to all the old friends they'd invited and we got a ton of hugs. Everyone danced -- my dad, with his bad hip, even did the "lightbulb" for a little bit. The DJ announced that it was the last song, then played three more. Our photographer made us look awesome (pictures soon). My youngest cousin made up a song about F's name.

Afterward, F and I went to the hotel my family was staying at to spend more time with them. I changed into a t-shirt but the only comfortable pants I had were poofy salwar pants. Everyone was kind of jealous of my pants, actually, because they were super comfortable. We ate lots of pizza and all our friends tried on our sparkly engagement clothes.

Now we can actually plan the wedding! I might have found the perfect place, and it seems like F's parents might go for it even though it's a little smaller than we initially thought the wedding would be. I think this place's capacity is the perfect size - more than that and we wouldn't be able to afford some of the cool stuff we'd like to do, less than that and F's parents would be sad about all the people they couldn't invite.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

check this out

I am so excited to get to wear mine!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

no pictures

F's ring was finished this weekend, so we went to see it. We also checked out the stones for my ring, which had finally arrived. It's going to be close whether they'll finish mine in time for the engagement, but I really hope they will. F was sweet about it and didn't want to take his ring home until mine was done too. Aww. But that means I don't have a picture of how awesome it looks.

Another thing I have not seen yet is the outfit I'm wearing at the engagement. I described something I would like, and we had an aunt in India go buy it for us. It's a great plan, but I am so impatient to see how it turned out! It apparently arrived at F's parents' house a while ago, but I haven't been to visit them in a couple of weeks so I still haven't seen it. Excitement!

There are some ridiculously awesome clothes on bargello.com. If I had more money I'd be buying them all up. Soon, I will be the stylish aunt! Muhuhahahahaha! I don't just need Indian party clothes either. I need things to wear in general. I used to have so many pretty shirts -- how has it come to this?

There's a place that might be exactly what I want for the wedding. The problem is, it doesn't hold as many people as F's mom wants it to. (It holds as many as I think it needs to, but not if F actually has 300 Very Close Family Members Who Absolutely Must Be Invited.) F and I are still going to check it out this weekend, and if it is really cool we'll have to do some guest list negotiating.