Wednesday, November 11, 2009

coordinated-but-not-matching bridesmaids

I have this plan where my bridesmaids' clothes are coordinated with each other but they don't match. Explaining this idea to people has been difficult, though. Now, after months of waiting, I present for your viewing pleasure: Bridesmaids That Coordinate But Don't Match!

At the ceremony (the bride is in the center):

At the reception (once again the bride in the middle):

For both of these, I tried to pick a style of embellishment and a family of colors that would coordinate well. The top set has more traditional-feeling style elements (zardosi and kundan work, contrasting borders). Most of the outfits have some amount of orange or turquoise in them. For the bottom set I chose mostly single-color outfits that had sheer fabric. Those all happened to have metallic, swirly embellishment. The similarity in style gave me freedom to choose a wider range of colors. FYI, I don't have 10 bridesmaids. I'm just trying to show a lot of options.


Jaclyn Harr said...

I know you've mentioned this before, but are you going shopping in India proper prior to the wedding, or are you doing all your shopping in the States?

If you're shopping in India, I imagine you could get different colored saris done with the exact same embellishments fairly easily. I think that - in the same color family - could look really nice.

What sort of sari are you planning on getting for the bridesmaids? The stiffer kind or the more gauzy fabric? The stiffer kind, I think, are easier to pleat correctly (and generally look nicer IMO) but get wrinkled easily. The other kind are difficult to fold correctly, but once you get them pinned in place, they don't wrinkle & are less bulky.

fri said...

very cool selection,

might have to use some of this for an inspiration board. Thanks again.

Fri @ Wedding Nouveau