Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hair is settled, menu in progress

I went to try out hair salons last weekend while we were in Chicago. Check out the results!

F. and I and all our parents also went to taste the wedding food. Everything turned out exactly the way I had hoped -- this food will be awesome. They did a great job implementing the Indian recipes we gave them, and they came up with some awesome options for the non-Indian half of the menu too. I may have explained this already, but since some of F's family is uncomfortable with non-Indian food -- possibly because they suspect it'll have stealth meat -- and some of my family is uncomfortable with Indian food -- probably because it has not-at-all stealthy spices -- we're offering a mix of styles. There's a fairly traditional Indian entree and a non-Indian entree that will be more familiar to the non-Indian folks (we're thinking something kind of Cuban-ish, with black beans and pico de gallo and stuff). The appetizers split up the same way, and so does the lunchtime buffet we're having at the ceremony. People who want to try both are welcome to, but I think this menu will have something for everyone. least, everyone who likes vegetables. My mom is still concerned that some people will be put off by the all-vegetarian menu, but I think they'll be pleasantly surprised. I bet that if we didn't mention it many people wouldn't notice. To me, it's like worrying that there won't be any hot chocolate at your pool party. Apparently, after tasting the wedding food, my dad said "Wow, I'm really full! I didn't know vegetarian food could be so good!" That's my goal for everybody.


Gori Girl said...

I like the hair twist - very practical (for the dupatta) and pretty. Are you planning on wearing any flowers in your hair?

Unknown said...

I will probably wear a big flower on one side at the reception, but I don't think I will wear one during the ceremony. There will already be enough stuff on my head.