Sunday, July 27, 2008



Left to her own devices, F's mom would have Indian food at every wedding-related party. This would be fine with me, but I wonder how much the rest of my family would enjoy that. Since they already have to be good sports and eat vegetarian food, I've been thinking we should give them a bit of variety. There was a middle eastern place I thought it might be nice to have the engagement at, but they didn't have a room big enough for the party. And they are specifically equipped for parties and banquets! (This could be an indication that the party is too big, but to come to that conclusion is unacceptable.) Anyway, I have been thinking that a tasty assortment of different kinds of food that the two of us like should be included in the festivities. If anybody knows of good Chicago-area veggie caterers (or extremely large restaurants), post 'em.

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Ruth said...

Oh, KC I love you blog! It's fun hearing about all of your wedding adventures, it *almost* makes me want to get married, too. I think you should definitely try to cater to both sides of the family, omnivore or not. But ultimately, it's up to you, and anyone who is going to complain about the food you are serving at your wedding shouldn't be there!