Monday, July 21, 2008

maa-beti stuff

My mom is excited about my wedding and really wants to help plan it and throw parties and stuff. I worry that she might feel a little bit left out, though. The wedding is going to be Indian-style, so she doesn't know what traditional things she can boss me around about, what parties she can throw, or who she can invite to them. It is a mom's job to know all the traditions and then boss the young people around. I don't want her to be bored or left out, but I don't know these things either. Now what?

My parents also live in a different state from the city we want to have the wedding in, which is problematic. I'd say they could host a couple of the pre-wedding parties, except that that's a multi-hour drive or train ride away from the center of the action.

Then there's the clothes. Of course my mom wants to help pick out my wedding outfit. But she doesn't like the bare belly style of most lehengas. She thinks that wearing something low-cut with better coverage on the bottom would look "more formal." Indian-style fashion is just the opposite, though! Short cholis are much more OK than low necklines & bare shoulders. How do I get around this? If I try to please everybody I will be wrapped up from head to toe.

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D. Jain said...

Hey, I just found your blog linked on another blog, and it looks interesting so far!

I've been through the whole Indian wedding thing's so fun! I wanted to comment on what you said about the lehenga "bare belly" thing. My husband's family is fairly conservative, but the lehenga/choli we got had a very cropped top. The way I wore it was with the dupatta draped around so that it covered my front. You could see peeks of my belly, but it wasn't OUT THERE, you know? So don't worry if you get that style, because you don't have to wear it with your whole stomach showing.

Good luck to you in your wedding planning!